steel anchors
steel anchor bolts
  product : ceiling anchor  
  variant : pan head  
  designation : medium duty  
  material : steel - annealed  
  finish : zinc plated and yellow passivated min 5 microns  
  description :  

a rapid install fire resistant hammer set anchor for fixing of ceiling and suspension components to concrete and solid masonry, also suitable for fastening of battens, bracketry and restraint straps to solid brick and blockwork. simple installation by insertion into a clean drill hole and striking of the nail until flush.





ceiling anchor hammer set steel


concreterock and stonefire resistant

european technical approval ETA approval

data - all sizes in mm
anchor diameter
drill size
anchor length
max fixture
rec drill depth
  ANC574 6.00 6.00 40.00 4.50 40.00    
  ANC575 6.00 6.00 70.00 30.00 40.00    

construction fixings

construction fixings
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