general fixings
general fixings
  product : HST hi load cavity fixings  
  variant : various  
  designation : light to medium duty  
  material : nylon  
  finish : self colour  
  description :  
  high performance cavity fixing for installation of heavy loads to board materials such as plasterboard, fibre board and timber sheet materials. Installed without the need for special tools, the nylon body forms a knot in the cavity allowing a full clamping force to be applied without damaging the surface, capable of direct tension loads of up to 70kg per fixing in plasterboard. torx head drive.  




hst high load plasterboard and drywall fixing heavy duty

hst high load plasterboard fixings available in countersunk, panhead, screw and hook formats


hollow brick and blockplasterboard and fibre board materials materials


data - all sizes in mm
suit board
drill size
qty per box
  GNF167 countersunk 3-18.00 10.00 blue 25  
  GNF168 panhead 3-18.00 10.00 blue 25  
  GNF169 hook 3-18.00 10.00 blue 25  
  GNF170 eye 3-18.00 10.00 blue 25  
  GNF171 countersunk 18-30.00 10.00 red 25  
  GNF172 panhead 18-30.00 10.00 red 25  
  GNF173 hook 18-30.00 10.00 red 25  
  GNF174 eye 18-30.00 10.00 red 25  

construction fixings

construction fixings
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