steel anchors
steel anchor bolts
  product : metanchor  
  variant : flush head  
  designation : light to medium duty  
  material : steel  
  finish : bright zinc plated to min 5 microns  
  description :  
  a hammer set anchor primarily for use in aerated concrete without drilling it is also suitable for solid and perforated masonry masonry, this interferance fit anchor offers high pull out resistance and is suitable for use with screw and metric threaded fasteners. fire resistant  




metanchor metal expansion anchor fixing


solid bricksolid blockaircrete blockhollow brick and blockfire resistant materials / fire resistant

data - all sizes in mm
anchor length
screw diameter
qty per box      
  ANC602 6.00 32.00 5-6.00 100      
  ANC603 8.00 38.00 6-8.00 100      
  ANC604 8.00 60.00 6-8.00 100      
  ANC605 10.00 60.00 8-10.00 100      

construction fixings

construction fixings
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