steel anchors
steel anchor bolts
  product : shield anchor  
  variant : eye bolt  
  designation : medium to heavy duty  
  material : steel shield class EN10016 with one piece forged eyebolt  
  finish : zinc plated and yellow passivated min 5 microns  
  description :  

torque controlled mechanical shields with large expansion suitable for temporary or permanent anchoring of stays, chains, cable and rope assemblies etc. in concrete and solid masonry, not recommended for use in hollow or perforated masonry or for use with fall arrest systems, forged eye for maximum strength.






shield anchor eye bolt


concreterock and stonesolid blocksolid brickfire resistant

data - all sizes in mm
thread diameter
anchor diameter
drill size
rec drill depth
eye diameter (int)
  ANC170 M6 10.00 10.00 45.00 9.00    
  ANC171 M8 14.00 14.00 55.00 10.00    
  ANC172 M10 16.00 16.00 65.00 14.00    
  ANC173 M12 20.00 20.00 90.00 16.00    

construction fixings

construction fixings
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