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  From general woodscrews to high tensile steel threaded screws our range covers all aspects of screw technology whether you’re an individual tradesman or a blue chip PLC we’ll have a screw solution for you.

As ever, our sales and technical departments are always available to provide full type and size listings along with any technical support required for product selection and installation advice.

Finish Key

The following refers to the abbreviations used throughout our site for current available material finishes, however we can plate any item to your requirements. Minimum quantities may apply.

  • SC - Self colour ( raw material as manufactured)
  • BZP - Bright zinc plated
  • HDG - Hot dipped galvanised
  • ZPYP - Bright zinc plated with an applied yellow passivate
  • BP - Black phosphate
  • BT - Black texecote
  • EB - Electro brass
  • CP - Chrome plate

For further details and product information please complete our online contact form or telephone our sales office on 0121 506 6300 or email us at

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We carry the largest range of hardened woodscrews currently available for use in general construction including sheet material assembly, structural timber fixing, masonry fixing with wall plugs and general fixing and fastening of construction components.
countersunk woodscrews mdf cutter screws twinthread woodscrews
Pozi csk twinthread
Slot csk twinthread
Pozi csk carcass screws
Torx drive csk
Multi purpose csk
Screw cups and caps
Pozi csk single thread
Pozi roundhead twinthread
Square drive csk
MDF cutter screws
Slot raised head
Steel cases
Material options : carbon steel, stainless steel, brass

Size range : 4g x 1/2” up to 12g x 4” and 3 x 12mm up to 8 x 400mm

Drywall screws
collated screws drywall screws bugle head self drilling drywall screws

Bugle head form to prevent pull through for use in plasterboard and dry lining materials.
Sharp point or drill point for driving into timber or light guage steel

Also available collated in strips of 50 for all popular collated drywall machines

Finish : black phosphate/bright zinc plate
Size range : 3.5 x 25 up to 4.2 x 100mm

Hex Coach Screws

hexagon coach screws Hexagon headed coach screws for heavy duty fastening of timber section and general fixing to masonry when combined with nylon wall plugs

Available also in square head version.

Finishes : SC/BZP/HDG
Material options : carbon steel, stainless steel
size range :M6 – M20 up to 300mm long.

Self Tapping Screws
self tapping screws countersunk self tapping screws flange head self tapping screws pan head
We carry a full range of self tapping screws in countersunk, pan head, raised and flange head styles using either pozi drive or slotted drive systems.

Finishes : SC/BZP/ BT
Material options : carbon steel, stainless steel
Size range : 2g x ½” up to 14g x 2.1/2”

Hex Tek Screws
tek steel work sef drilling screws teks cement shhet seif drilling screws hi thread self drilling tek screws
A premium range of high performance self drilling and tapping fasteners from the originators of the Teks brand with a hexagon drive head styles for fixing directly to steelwork in one operation without pre drilling. Used for fixing of cladding, roof sheeting, composite paneling and general components to steelwork and available with a full range of accessories.

Finishes : climaseal/climadure
Material options : carbon steel, stainless steel
Contact sales or technical for more information on this range.

Wing drill Tek screws

wing drill tek screws

Teks countersunk self drillers for single operation fixing of timber to steel sections. On installation the wings ream a clearance hole in the timber to prevent ‘jacking up’ and snap off once engaged with the base steel to allow the self tapping action.

Finishes : climaseal/climadure
Material options : case hardened carbon steel
Size range : 4.8 x 36mm up to 5.5 x 120mm
Contact sales or technical for more information on this range.

Machine Screws

countersunk machine screws
pan head machine screws

Metric threaded steel machine screws for bolting and fastening to threaded components. Available in the following head styles

Pozidrive CSK
Pozidrive pan head

Slot CSK
Slot cheese head

Slot Pan head
Slot Raised head

Size range : M2 – M20 in lengths up to 150mm
Finishes : SC/BZP
Material options : carbon steel/stainless steel/ brass/ nylon

Socket screws
button head screws stainless steel countersunk socket screws stainless steel set screws
cap screws stainless steel An extensive socket screw range available from stock manufactured and plated where applicable to current BS and DIN specifications, fully batch traceable.

Available styles : cap screws, low head, button head, setscrew, csk

Finishes : SC/BZP/ZPYP
Material options : 10.9 & 12.9 grade high tensile steels, stainless steel
Standard size range :M2 – M42 up to 400mm long.
Special sizes manufactured to order.

Security Screws
tamper proof security screws security pin drive screws torx drive woodscrews
Tamperproof security screws with specialist designed drive systems to prevent removal using standard tools

Available types include woodscrews, self tapping screws and machine screws in countersunk or pan head styles and using Pin hex, resistorx, snake eye, tri drive, tri-wing, square drive, oval drive, clutch head and one way drive systems.

Finishes : SC/BZP
Material options : Carbon steel, stainless steel

Full details available on request
Security bolting, anchor products and tooling also supplied.

screw covers and caps screw driver bits tek screw accessories
Accessories for our screw ranges include:

Surface screw cups
Hinged cover caps
Push on screw caps
2 piece caps
Screw cases
Drive bits


For more information on any of the products detailed or for details on the rest of our screw fastener range please feel free to contact our sales or technical departments anytime.

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